Nate & Katie Waller

First and foremost, I’m a child of the King.

Secondly, I’m a husband to Katie, my extraordinary wife, and a father to four amazing children.

Thirdly, I am the boots on the ground guy. If there is a project on the ground in Israel that HaYovel is getting involved with, I’m managing it. I’m the guy that’s communicating with the Israeli farmers about what they need and when they need it done (i.e. harvesting grapes or olives, pruning, fencing, trellising etc). I’m also the person planning tree planting operations, building projects and more.
My passion is to see the land of Israel restored and made like the garden of Eden just like the prophets said it would be. I believe that this is the biggest way we can declare that God is alive because he said it would happen and it’s happening right now. All eyes are on Israel, and God is on the move. He is using people like me and you to do it.
So, join me in glorifying God’s name by bringing His words to life on the mountains of Israel.


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Nate Waller – Project Manager

Our family picture with our 3 oldest children

The newest addition to our family – Yossi!